I like writing words. It doesn't matter if they're for screen, for stage, for audio or in books, all mediums are brilliant for storytelling and what I love best is weaving those stories into life and feeling the words flow out through my pen. Below are some of the things I've worked on over the last few years.

After The Beep


16th July 2020

You have one new voicemail, from the last person you'd ever expect. Press 1 to repeat, 2 to save, 3 to return the call or 4 to delete.
Produced by Interabang Productions as part of their lockdown series - Scene to Seen.
Watch now by clicking on the image.


20th January 2020

Selected by Amy Liptrott (Associate Director at Pitlochry Festival Theatre) to be performed at January's Stage to Page in Glasgow, directed by Jennifer Dick. 
Rosy visits her Mum, Di, as they both struggle to come to terms with the life-changing consequences of their actions and try to work out how they got there and what they’re going to do next.

The Beach

January 2020

Longlisted for The Mogford Prize 2020, The Beach is a short story about two innocent strangers who share a brief and silent moment of closeness as a dark rumble grows closer and closer to their beach.


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